Benefits for Patients

  • 24/7 access 
  • Easy to use system that is accessible from anywhere 
  • Response within 1 working day 
  • Another way to contact us rather than by telephone 
  • Less need to travel to the surgery 
  • Easy access to healthcare advice and guidance 
  • Triage to the most appropriate professional 
  • Improved continuity in care and integration with multi-disciplinary professionals allowing staff to collaborate with clinical colleagues for clinical cases 
  • Meets national standards to provide 25% of our appointments digitally 

For admin and medical staff:

  • Same interface for inbound and outbound patient communication
  • Digital follow up reduces outbound phone calls to patients
  • Better workload balance within and across units
  • Shared Group resources can support multiple practices
  • Uniform way of working increases the quality of care

For Lakeside Healthcare Group

  • It is a ‘strategic fit’ with Lakeside Healthcare Group’s vision of providing enhanced healthcare
  • It integrates with the NHS App which means it can be accessed quickly through mobile devices
  • It has automated medical questionnaires which are tailored for UK primary care which are revised on a continuous basis
  • We will help develop the UK system in partnership with Doctrin
  • It provides an effective method of triaging patients to the most appropriate clinical pathway from the ‘front end’ of the platform
  • It allows for an enhanced flow of patient information, with the facility for different clinicians, across disciplines or sites, to collaborate, either on individual cases or across disciplines.
  • It provides a seamless ‘patient-centric’ service allowing effective handover between functions and services
  • It allows collaboration across sites
  • It complements the QOF (Quality and Outcomes Framework) allowing us to track the effectiveness of service we deliver
  • It has a range of functionality, for both patients and healthcare professionals
  • It is easy to use
  • We can implement it at different sites through a simple process
  • Its statistical and analytical tools mean that we have an effective feedback loop on our performance, areas of development and emerging trends.

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