Frequently Asked Questions

For patients:

How do I log in?

To use Doctrin, you will need an NHS log in to access the platform. You can register for this via the NHS App


What medical content will be available?

Doctrin’s dedicated clinical team is responsible for all the platform’s medical content, which aims to be as comprehensive as possible, covering all potential incoming contacts at an outpatient clinic. 

Doctrin currently has over 600 unique questionnaires which are developed, validated and revised by their medical experts to cover a variety of cases and professions. Doctrin constantly update, improve and add to this suite of questionnaires, using customer feedback to ensure continuous improvement. 


How user friendly is it?:

It is designed to be as user friendly as possible. To help us process your case as easily as possible you may be asked to fill in a selection of the following forms: 

  • Triage questionnaires 
  • Consultation questionnaires 
  • Administrative questionnaires 
  • Follow-up questionnaires 
  • Validated self-assessment scales   

How long will it take me to hear back from a healthcare professional?

Our team will respond to you within 1 working day 


FAQ for staff:


Is this a tried and tested platform?

Doctrin’s implementation and change management team includes medical doctors, nurses, technologists and management consultants who have implemented the platform at over 200 primary care units in Sweden and the wider European Union, training over 8000 users internationally. 


How will it be rolled out in our practices?:

Doctrin recommends a period of six to eight weeks for customer ‘onboarding’, which will give time for staff to become familiar with the platform and for patients to receive relevant information via letter, electronic communications and social media.

Who is overseeing the roll-out?

Doctrin has a Project Manager who is liaising with the Lakeside team and she will be the primary point of contact. 

Lakeside Healthcare Group has a Project Manager, Project Sponsor and Clinical Safety Officer overseeing the project.

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