Reasons to try Doctrin

We work very closely with Doctrin to refine and develop the platform ensuring that our patients' experience is the best possible. Since launching at our first practice in September 2021 our teams have delivered well over 100,000 consultations with with 92.8% of respondents saying they were met with compassion and 87.9% happy to recommend it.

(Figures correct 06/02/23)


Here's some of the feedback so far

‘I had an elderly gentleman in his 80s saying how impressed he was when using Doctrin and he found it very easy to use.’



‘Doctrin is such a user-friendly system for patients and clinicians. We get all the information we need through detailed questionnaires and patients can also add photographs so we can quickly assess their needs and respond appropriately.'

Lakeside's Group Lead Nurse


‘I used this yesterday and was very pleased!’



‘Doctrin allows you to have direct communication with the patient and for them to ask what they need in their own words. The patient gets to know straight away when their case has been reviewed and actioned. The templates that patients fill in at their leisure are quite comprehensive so that helps your decisions as a clinician and you can always hand the case on to another colleague if necessary. I think it is a fantastic system.’

Lakeside’s Group Lead Pharmacist


‘I have just spoken to another of our patients … she finds Doctrin so much easier than our previous platform. She could never get that to work for her, she has used Doctrin three times now and she said she loves it, it’s so much easier!

Reception supervisor


'Doctrin, as an organisation, has been hugely helpful and responsive, being with us at every stage of the roll-out at our practices. They have adapted their tried and tested Swedish platform for the UK market and they, along with us, have been monitoring patient feedback at every step, to make this as effective and efficient as possible for our patients.'

Lakeside's Project Manager


‘We are so impressed with the service so far, I think this is a great thing.’



‘It is the easiest web interface I have tried. Logged in, call back early the next day, prescription within 12 hours.’



‘Doctrin has been a game changer in how we can respond to patient demand. It is fast, responsive and convenient and the detailed analytics allow us to track trends, assign our workforce more effectively and really make the best use of our teams and their specialisms.’

Lakeside’s Chief Medical Officer