Laura Bassinder

Laura takes on Operations role at St Neots

Laura Bassinder is the new Operations Manager at St Neots, combining the new role with that of Administration Manager, which she has had for the last five years.

Laura is a familiar face to many, as she has worked at St Neots for 12 years so far. She is excited about the challenge of the additional role. She will be supported by two new management support colleague and admin lead, Vesi, leaving her more capacity to take on the Operations function.

laura bassinder

She will ensure that all three sites run smoothly and she will get involved in maintenance, health and safety, building upgrades, contracts and dealing with tradespeople. Laura is still learning the ropes but says she has been supported by practice manager Sarah Parren and by the management team restructure. One of her first jobs will be to manage the redecoration at Cedar House with the least disruption to patients and staff. She loves working at St Neots and says that learning new things and getting involved in a different challenge is inspiring:   

 ‘Operations is something completely new and I am still learning that side of the business and I do have to switch hats between that and leading the admin team. Vesi really helps with day to day running of the team which means I can concentrate on the buildings side until I get to grips with it. I love learning new things and just go with the flow, keep looking forward and getting things done.’

Published: May 16, 2024

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