Our new online platform gets highest global feedback rating in UK rollout 

Image of the Doctrin app being used

An online patient consultation platform, which we are introducing for patients next week, has received its best-ever global rating with over 95% satisfaction rates.

Doctrin, which can be accessed via mobile and digital devices, has just been introduced to the UK and is already in operation at Lakeside practices in Oundle and Peterborough. It is being introduced here next week. UK feedback has been hugely positive with up to 95.7% of patients happy to recommend it and 95.8% having sufficient information on their issue.

Doctrin, a Swedish platform which is widely used in the Nordic countries, has been adapted for the UK market with information and links specifically designed for UK patients. Lakeside Healthcare is the first UK provider to go live with the platform and our team is gearing up for its imminent introduction. 

To access the platform patients need to be registered with the NHS app. They can then log in via a link on our website. The platform assesses what sort of help they need, using a series of questions and rating scales. The information will be sent safely and securely to us to enable our team of GPs, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, secretarial and reception teams to respond during normal surgery hours.

Image of people using online services

Lakeside's Project Manager, Justin Wilkinson said: ’We have been delighted with the early feedback from UK patients. It gives them more choice as to how and when to get in touch and we expect that demand and usage will grow as more patients sign up and try it for themselves. We can’t wait to roll it out at St Neots.’   

Lakeside’s Chief Medical Officer and GP partner, Dr Miles Langdon, said: ‘Doctrin is easy to use and navigate and we have been hugely impressed, both with the ease of the system and the support we have had from the company itself. Its first months of operation have been incredibly positive. This has provided easier and more convenient access for those patients who can and want to use a digital platform, while enabling better phone access for those who can’t use digital technology.’  

Craig Oates, Doctrin’s Managing Director, UK and Ireland, said: ’We are both delighted, and excited, to partner with Lakeside Healthcare and work together to radically transform how healthcare is delivered. General ­­Practice in the UK is facing unprecedented demand for its services with an ageing and increasingly complex patient population. We’re happy to provide the next generation of online health solutions which simplifies care navigation and management,’


Please register for the NHS App as soon as possible as it may take time for your information to be verified.

Published: Nov 10, 2021

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