Sally Hanson

Meet Sally, our Patient Services Manager at St Neots

Sally Hanson, the new Patient Services Manager at St Neots says that the teamwork and support there is ‘a breath of fresh air’.

She has previously worked as a manager in administration in both a private hospital then mental health services before moving to Lakeside, which is her first job in Primary Care. 

A large part of her role is interacting with patients and helping to resolve any issues or concerns they may have. She is also responsible for the smooth running of the reception team, looking after appraisals training and recruitment and making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


She said: ‘I know from past experience that working on reception can be one of the hardest jobs in healthcare, so it is about building the team up, looking after their wellbeing and getting them to where we need to be. I am still learning about the role but having positive interaction with patients is so valuable, particularly if there are lessons to be learned from their experiences so we can change how we do things for the better.

‘When I saw the Patient Services role advertised I thought this role would be me to a ‘T’. From the minute I joined I fitted right in. The team have been so welcoming, encouraging and supportive meaning the transition into the role has been refreshing and a pleasant experience.  The team work incredibly hard and are resilient to daily challenges, they have to work together at all times due to the nature of the work and it is a breath of fresh air that they work together collaboratively relationships.

We all want to help our patients in the best way possible and I am really pleased to be part of the St Neots team. I went on my gut instinct when I joined and I haven’t regretted that decision.’

Published: May 17, 2024