Healthcare Team - St Neots

Community Midwives

There are several Midwives in the St. Neots team, and linked to Lakeside @ St Neots practices. They will contact you to discuss your antenatal care. Your antenatal care will be shared between the midwives and your GP and a hospital consultant if necessary. Your midwives will follow you through your whole pregnancy and visit you at home for postnatal care when you have had your baby.

Queries about your pregnancy or delivery should be directed to the midwife on 01480 403 814.


Community Nurses

The district nurses visit those needing care at home. They can be contacted on 0844 481 0089 or 01480 357954.

The team cares for patients at home who are either housebound or too unwell to attend the practice. Such patients may include those with Chronic Illnesses or Cancer maybe those who require wound care, leg ulcer management, continence
advice or venepuncture.

The District Nursing team does not provide assistance with washing and dressing or help around the home but does offer both nursing care and support for patients and their families in their own homes. They work alongside the medical and nursing staff at the practice as well as with the Macmillan Nurse.


Health Visitors

Their role incorporates care of the newborn and continues up to and including care of the pre-school and older children. 

The Health Visitor and nursery nurse are trained to offer advice and support to all families in areas such as child development, immunisation, feeding, sleep, behaviour, minor illness and also through health promotion and the postnatal support group.

All queries (GP and public) should be directed to their Duty Health Visitor:
0300 029 5050 option 2
Or text them : 07520 649887
Their website:

The Health Visitors no longer have drop in clinics, although they will see targeted families via a booked clinic where there are concerns. There is self-weigh at the Children's Centres from 6 weeks of age, but no health visitors are present.


Macmillan Nurses

The Macmillan Nurse for the St Neots area is based at the Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and offers support for patients living with serious and terminal illnesses; they can be contacted on 01480 416 283.